Certified Executive Coach | Facilitator

Improving Focus & Communications
so that my clients show up at the
Next Level of Engagement.


My education and experience with Sport & Performance Psychology, Learning & Development and Strategic Human Resources create a powerful combination. I help clients to perform at a higher level and better align their values and efforts with personal and organizational goals.

I believe that personal and professional development happen through increased awareness, and improved capacity; leading to the confidence and commitment to be fully engaged!

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True developmental coaching is a partnership and we will both invest significantly. People who work with me describe, “finding great insight” and “seeing the challenge from a whole new angle.”

I believe in discovery and focus; in connecting ideas and finding alignment. My drive is to help enable your potential and grow your capacity.

It is important that what we learn finds a second creation in action; we will take the step to practical application. As Covey said, “To learn and not to do, is really not to learn.”

I carry adult education certifications from HPTrainingWorks™ and Bob Pike Group Creative Training™.

Certified Executive Coach (CEC) | GC Strategic Human Resources. | BA (Psych) | Graduate work in Sport & Performance Psychology.


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This is great. I would not have landed in this place without your guidance & coaching. – Dr. Philip Currie TEDx Speaker

I could not have achieved this without your help. It was a pleasure working together. – Andrew Brash TEDx Speaker

I really appreciate your approach. No prescription but consistent guidance towards my own vision. – Dr. Christian Jacobs

You were positive, persistent and did not pull any punches. Thank You. – Robert Bateman