Often the thing your group needs is a guiding hand who can ensure the session keeps moving towards your desired end goals. I have outstanding success facilitating groups of every size through major initiatives including but not limited to:

Defining Core Values | Mapping Strategic Goals
Team Actions Plans | Finding Alignment

Each step benefits from an attentive and practiced facilitator who will get everyone involved.

If you need a facilitator for a half-day or a multi-day offsite, let’s connect and discuss how to move your group to some outstanding outcomes!

Facilitation is about getting the best out of people in small group sessions. These are truly ‘working meetings’; more collaborative, more efficient, and way more enjoyable.

My role is to keep everyone focused and bring out the best thinking. We will make the most of your time, I will see to it!

“Evan was a great facilitator allowing each member to find their voice and bringing the group together … Easy going, intuitive to allowing conversation to flow when timing was right and task master when needed.”

Executive Coaching / Performance Development

Coaching is both Professional and Personal Development completely designed around the client! I coach the person to bring their best to the role. We will take an honest and confidential look at where you’re at, where you want to get to and map out the milestones along the way.

Performing under pressure is a thread that runs through all my coaching. Clients come to improve their communications and relationships so that they can make the most of their challenges; make them into opportunities!

By hiring me as your Executive Coach means you get to think with two brains, but only one set of values and goals – Yours!

“I really appreciate your approach. No prescription but consistent guidance towards my own vision.” – Dr. Christian Jacobs

“You were positive, persistent and did not pull any punches.
Thank You.”
– Robert Bateman

Keynotes & Workshops

I have delivered over 14,000 hrs of keynotes, workshops and seminars, and continue to spend over 40hrs per month “in front of the room”. I have a handful of pre-built sessions and nearly half of my days are created from the ground up – to best suit you!

All sessions available as 60-90 min Keynote or :

  • Four Principles of Engagement
  • The 4 Leadership Styles
    • Pre-session Leadership Inventory is optional
  • Emotional Intelligence with your Team
    • Pre-session EQ-I Inventory required.
  • Building Role Clarity and Productivity
  • Resilience Now! For you and your Team

Presentation Coaching

As a Speaker Coach for TEDx and Learning & Development professional, I have worked on every manner of presentation. My experience with public speaking is broad and deep!

Regardless of the session you are preparing for – any length, any style – I can help you make the most of the opportunity to be heard. Speaking is a craft, to be great means careful focus, attention and refining not only what you say, but how you say it. And some fun! Every great session has fun!

Most requested:

  • Full Consult: Design to Delivery. 4 – 6 Weeks of Coaching
  • Refinement / Rehearsal: 1 or 2 Sessions before Presenting
  • Professional Development Workshop: 1 Day & 2 Day Options.

“This is great. I would not have landed in this place without your guidance & coaching.” – Dr. Philip Currie TEDx Speaker

“I could not have achieved this without your help. It was a pleasure working together.” – Andrew Brash TEDx Speaker